The Hospital aims to provide comprehensive and modern eye care at an affordable cost. The hospital ensures efficient delivery of eye care services by dedicated team of medical and paramedical staff. Total Eye care is top priority at Prathibha Eye Hospital.

Basic Amenities:

The Hospital has electronic medical records system. Biometric ID system is used to store and retrieve medical information of each patient.


Most of the eye surgeries are done as day care procedure. Fifteen beds (special, semi special, deluxe and A/c rooms) are available with 24hour nursing care by skilled nurses. Post-operative monitoring with ECG, pulse, oxygen level monitoring and life supports systems are available. The hospital has all the basic amenities like ramp, UPS and generators, 24 hour cold and hot water cable TV and food.

The hospital is approved for cashless hospitalization by several insurance providers.

General ophthalmology and contact lens:

> Computerized vision charts

> Ophthalmic examination units

> Slit lamp biomicroscopes( topcon)

> Autorefractometers ( Nidek, Huvitz)

> Automated lensometers

> Indirect ophthalmoscopes

> Regular and cosmetic contact lenses

Cataract & IOL Implantation services:

  1. SOVEREIGN® COMPACT phacoemulsification system with ELLIPS® FX technology, ICE & CASE technology & white star technology ( COLD PHACO)
  2. Visalis 100 Phacoemulsification system , Zeiss, Meditec, Germany
  3. Operating microscope- Zeiss Visu-150, Operating microscope IFR, Zeiss,Meditec, Germany
  1. Dedicated ophthalmic opeating suites for day care cataract surgery.
  2. Automated Keratometers
  3. Biometers: Ultrasound A Scan (Biomedix)



The hospital is equipped with advanced Laser systems for various applications.

  • An FDL Green Laser system from Laserex systems is used to treat Retinal disorders and Glaucoma.
  • An Nd-Yag laser system is used to treat various conditions like secondary cataract, glaucoma etc.

Glaucoma Clinic:

  • Automated visual field Analyser,
  • Contrast sensitivity,
  • Applanation tonometer,
  • Non-contact tonometer,
  • rebound tonometer (I care, Finland),
  • Ultrasound pachymeter,
  • cryo units are available.

Diabetic Eye Care Centre:

The centre is well equipped with

  • Digital fundus camera(DRS Automatic Nonmydriatic Fundus Camera ),
  • lasers (FDL Green Laser system from Laserex systems) &
  • a clinical laboratory.
  • Expert opinion and services of senior consultants, physicians are available. In house dietician provides diet and lifestyle advice.

Operation Theater:

The hospital has a dedicated ophthalmic theatre (OT). To make eye operations safe & infection free, latest equipments like Flash auto-claves, fumigation systems, humidity and dust control measures are provided, To handle complex eye surgeries like Microincisional cataract surgery, phacoemulsification, retina-vitreous surgery, squint correction, DCR, modern equipments like Zeiss operating microscope, Zeiss & AMO phaco systems, pulse oximeter etc. are available. Professionally trained theatres staffs are working round the clock. Theater is backed by UPS & generators.

Oculoplasty Services

Electrolysis unit

Endoscopy for transnasal procedures

DCR Laser

Correction for Ptosis & other eyelid surgeries



Drugs and Laboratory:

Hospital has its own drug dispensary with a wide range of ophthalmic drugs. A clinical laboratory provides basic diagnostic tests. 

Optical Dispensing:

“Vinyas Opticals” is annexed to the hospital with wide range of trendy and latest frames on display. Scientific dispensing of frames and accurate fitting of lenses are done by skilled and experienced staff. It has its own edging workshop.Each spectacle is individually tested for errors. Vinyas Optical is known for quick delivery and after sales services. Variety of contact lenses and accessories are also available.