Cataract & Refractive Lens Surgery

Surgical Options:



Surgical Options:

  • SICS : Small Incision Cataract Surgery
    • performed manually through 5- 6 mm wound
  • Phacoemulsification :
    • universally accepted as the standard of care for cataract surgery.
    • Ultrasound energy is used in phacoemulsification to break up the cataract (emulsify) into microscopic fragments which can be sucked out of the eye.
  • COLD PHACO technology
    • White Star TM
    • decreases the chances of thermal tissue injury during phacoemulsification relative to traditional ultrasonic equipment.
    • Thus more cornea friendly and faster recovery time
  • MICS : Micro-coaxial phaco
    • Phacoemulsification of cataract through a wound of 2.2mm or less, with implantation of intra-ocular lens through the same wound
    • Wound healing and refractive stabilization is faster

Advantages of phaco with foldable IOL

  • Early visual rehabilitation
  • Minimum curvatural changes occur in eye following surgery
  • Post surgery, the wound is very secure
  • Final glasses can be prescribed earlier

Options in Intra Ocular Lens
> Majority of the IOLs implanted are monofocal. They can focus light rays from one particular distance only. Normally distance objects are clear & one needs glasses for reading.
> IOLs can be rigid or foldable. Foldable lens will need smaller wounds to insert.
> Aspheric lenses:
# Because of their unique design, these lenses enable the patient to have a greater ability to distinguish between shades of light and dark. This ability,known as contrast sensitivity, is especially important if you do a lot of night driving.
> Multifocal lenses:
# correct vision at multiple ranges without glasses or contact lenses.
# corrects both near and far vision.
# Your brain must learn to select the visual information it          needs to form an image. Therefore, multifocal lenses may require a period of adjustment. You may get used to multifocal IOLs more easily if you receive them in both eyes.
> Toric lenses:
# If you suffer from astigmatism, and you are seeking treatment for cataracts, toric IOLs may provide an excellent solution. Astigmatism occurs when your  cornea is irregularly shaped.
> Blue filtering lenses:
# UVA rays can increase your risk for  macular degeneration, and other forms of retinal damage.
# Blue light-filtering IOLs have a slight yellow tint that can block some of these harmful rays. Although they have a yellow tone, these lenses do not affect your color perception