All about Keratoconus

What is Keratoconus:
Called as “Corneal bending” disease, it affects the cornea, and cause progressive bending with frequent change in spectacle power, ending with very high spectacle power. Left alone may end up with need for surgical intervention as the cornea can progressively become more and more thin.
Genetics seems to play a role, it runs in families. All members of the family must be screened for this condition.
How to diagnose:
One needs to do a test called corneal topography, which is a simple test. Results will be known instantly. However in borderline cases one needs to monitor and watch for onset of signs.
Available treatments:
It is now possible to stop the progression of thinning and bending by doing a procedure called collagen crosslinking. It done by applying a special dye on the cornea, followed by application of a particular light in the UV range, this procedure strengthens the cornea thus eliminating the need for future surgery in most

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